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Mobile Home Walls

At Southern Builders Perma-Roof, our passion goes beyond offering top-notch roofing solution; we're committed to empowering our community with knowledge on mobile home living. A vital aspect of this lifestyle is the construction and design of mobile home walls, crucial for ensuring comfort, durability, and energy efficiency.
The Evolution of Wall Construction
Following the adoption of the HUD Code in 1976, mobile home wall construction saw a transformative shift towards standardization and improved safety. This era introduced the widespread use of 2x4 studs for vertical framing, marking a significant advancement in the construction of mobile homes.
Exploring Diversity in Wall Studs
Very Old Mobile Homes: Utilized 2x2 studs, reflecting early construction practices.
Moderately Old Mobile Homes: Saw a transition to 2x3 studs, aiming for better structural integrity.
Newer Mobile Homes in Cold Climates: Opted for 2x6 studs for superior insulation and strength.
Beyond the Studs: Comprehensive Wall Construction
Mobile home walls consist of more than just studs; they include interior sheeting, vapor barriers, and exterior siding, with innovations like vapor-barrier walls, pressure-envelope walls, and ventilated walls enhancing moisture control and energy efficiency.
Additional Structural Components
Belt Rails & Framing: Enhance structural support and facilitate siding installation.
Siding & Insulation: Directly attached to studs or belt rails, highlighting areas for energy efficiency improvements.
Empowering Through Knowledge 
Understanding your mobile home's wall construction allows for informed decisions on renovations and maintenance. We're here to provide insights and support your journey towards a more comfortable and efficient living space.
Engage with us, share your experiences, and let's enrich our knowledge on mobile home living together. Your comfort and safety are our priority at Southern Builders Perma-Roof.
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