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Ground-Moisture Issues: A Southern Builders Special Feature Discussion

At Southern Builders Perma-Roof, we understand the unique needs of mobile homes. Our Perma-Roof offers amazing benefits, but there are other areas for you to be aware of that can affect your mobile home. In this special feature discussion, we delve into the crucial topic of ground-moisture issues and how they can impact your mobile home.
The Challenge of Ground Moisture
Mobile homes, like traditional houses, are susceptible to ground moisture issues. Moisture-related problems can lead to structural damage, mold growth, and a less comfortable living environment. Understanding and addressing these issues is essential for the longevity of your mobile home.
Perma-Roof: Your Shield from Above
Our Perma-Roof is designed to protect your mobile home from the elements, ensuring that rain, snow, and harsh weather stay outside where they belong. But what about moisture from below? That's where ground moisture barriers come into play.
The Importance of Ground Moisture Barriers
Ground moisture barriers, such as the black polyethylene ones we recommend, are a key element in safeguarding your mobile home. These barriers are at least 6-mils thick and are black polyethylene for a specific reason – to prevent plants from growing under your home. Unlike clear barriers, black polyethylene blocks sunlight, thwarting unwanted vegetation growth.
Proper Installation Matters
When laying the ground moisture barrier, following these steps is crucial:
Overlap Joints: Ensure that all joints overlap by at least 12 inches, creating a seamless and robust barrier. 
Placement Before or After Piers: If the ground moisture barrier is installed before the piers are constructed, place it over the footings and under the piers for comprehensive coverage. If it's laid down after the piers are constructed, cut and piece it closely around the piers.
Secure the Edges: Fasten the ground moisture barrier's edge to the base of the skirting or weigh it down to prevent it from shifting.
Optional Topping: Consider adding a topping of gravel or sand over the ground moisture barrier. This not only holds it down securely but also provides an extra layer of protection.
Join the Community
We invite you to share your mobile home stories and experiences with us. Let's celebrate the rich history and bright future of mobile homes together! Whether you've found innovative solutions to ground moisture issues or have tips for fellow mobile homeowners, your insights are invaluable.
Leave a Comment: Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Your input can help others facing similar challenges.
Call or Message Us: Contact us for more information about our roofing solution, including how Perma-Roof can complement your efforts in safeguarding your mobile home.
At Southern Builders Perma-Roof, we're not just a roofing company; we're a community dedicated to helping mobile homeowners protect their investments. Join us in this discussion and let's ensure that your mobile home remains a comfortable and secure haven for years to come.
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