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Hurricane Harvey Mobile Home Storm Damage

There is a fix for your Mobile Home factory roof. Our Perma-Roof Roofover system will be the solution you are looking for. This storm has damaged many mobile home roofs. Here at Southern Builders we have repaired damage, and then installed our roofover system to many of these homes.

Many folks might say its not worth repairing, but our system will give you a lifetime roof for your home, or home away from home. The Perma-Roof will also add value to your home, and a nice clean look. Once we install our roofover system, most say it looks like it was made on it. Others say it looks better than the factory roof. This new roof will get rid of the noisy roof rumble caused by wind. It will also add extra insulation, and save you money on your utility bills. With this savings, the roof will pay for itself in about six years for the majority of the manufactured homes.

This is a great investment for property management companies to protect their largest asset as well. We have worked with many property management companies over the last 34 years, and continue to have repeat business from these very satisfied customers. 

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Keith (October 18, 2017)

This will be a great benefit for the hurricane damaged homes.


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